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Historical Lancia and Alfa race legends at Cesana-Sestriere

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The manufacturer from Turin will be sending an impressive collection of Lancia rally icons from the Collezione Lancia to the 38th edition of the Cesana-Sestriere Hillclimb, while Alfa will bring theirs along from the Museo Storico. The annual ode to the historical climb in the Piedmont mountains takes place this weekend on Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of July. The organization is in hands of the old Automobile Club Torino, who have decided to dedicate this edition to ‘Avvocato’ Giovanni Agnelli who passed away ten years ago. The several competitions to be held are not for mere fun, as participants are in the running for the European and Italian title of historical hill climbs.

33 daytona

Lancia will be showing up with all of its big rally stars; the Stratos Stradale, the Rally 037 (picture), the Delta S4 and the Delta Integrale in legendary Martini Racing-colors. Alfa Romeo, on the other hand, will bring their impressive 33/2 Daytona along, together with a Giulia GTA from 1966. The cars will not only be on show, but will actually participate in the time trial. The Cesana-Sestriere was an official race from 1961 to 1992, and was brought back to life in 2007 as a competition for classic rally cars and typical ‘Stradales’. The route is still exactly the same as 52 years ago; 10,4 km long (6,5 miles) and running along a road that takes the drivers from 1350m to 2035m of altitude (4.430ft to 6.680ft).

Lancia collezione

As of late, Lancia Collezione (picture) is again using their magnificent cars for what they were made to do. Alfa Romeo has been doing exactly the same with their legends from the Museo Storico for years already, like is now also the case at Goodwood. Some think that this frequent participation of old sporty Alfas might be a sign for the brand’s ambitions to finally return to the sport of rallying and/or racing. Would this also be the case for Lancia? Whatever it may be, they’re no longer denying their history in rally like they have been doing for many years.


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Alfa Romeo , Lancia , Motorsport

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