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Great new Fiat 500L advert from the US

14 February 2014 10:58 No comments


Fiat keeps on surprising us with well-considered adverts from the United States, like this last one with the 500L. Two funny characters are strolling through the desert while looking rather dehydrated. They convince themselves they need to stay focused and not give in on the hallucinations. Not even when two gorgeous 500L Trekkings full of female beauty and even P. Diddy pass by.

The biggest temptation follows when the two gentlemen arrive at a beach party with those two cars and a lot of partying people present. The boys are convinced they are hallucinating again, though, because the Fiats are both four-door cars. And Fiat doesn’t make four-door cars, now, do they? They only make small city cars, and that is why they even refuse P. Diddy’s offer to have some water. All this happens with Pharrell Williams’ well-known tune ‘Happy’ in the background.


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