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Geneva 2013: Lancia Ypsilon with legendary Elefantino-badge

26 February 2013 17:55 No comments


The sporty and more masculine side of Lancia will, next to the creations by MOMODESIGN, also be highlighted in Geneva by the presentation of this gorgeous new ‘Elefantino’-edition of the Ypsilon. The famous small running red elephant (‘Elefantino Rosso’) was chosen by Gianni Lancia in the fifties as the symbol for the race team of the beautiful brand from Turin and has stolen a lot of hearts since then. The Elefantino-logo makes Lancia younger. That’s why the brand has used it often over the years – on the ‘Y’ for example – to appeal to a younger audience by using either red of blue elephants. It will now happen again on a new basic model of the compact five-door city car, comparable to the recent Black&Red-edition. But this time it will be available in more colors, with the recognizable and legendary badge on the B-pillar and unique sporty finishes on the seats and on the dashboard. New paintworks are Turquoise (available as of June 2013), Sabbia beige, Neve white, Pietra gray and the new Bicolore-finish Turquoise/Vulcano Black (available as of June 2013). The Ypsilon is, once again, very trendy with the presentation of this Elefantino and is fitted with mirrors covered in a special print, door handles in bodywork-color and alloys with the logo imprinted on them. Next to the S by MOMODESIGN and this Ypslon Elefantino, the smallest Lancia will also be on show as the new EcoChic on CNG in Geneva, just like the Delta will be.


Lancia has clearly been given an important role at the Auto Show in Geneva and might be marking a new era of distinguished sportiness. Something they haven’t truly done since they left the rally-world to not interfere with Alfa Romeo. But the brand from Milan will be aiming a lot higher in the following years, meaning Lancia can move up again. New editions, such as the above mentioned, are also a good sign for the ‘survival’ of this glorious brand from Chivasso. Lancia will soon be revealing new advertisement campaigns for these editions, but certain sneak peeks will already be shown in Geneva. They are titled ‘urban metamorphosis’ and were made by the firm Armando Testa.


Lancia has more to offer as well: it will be presenting the Voyager in the new color ‘Maximum Steel Metallic’ with a slightly more powerful 2.8 turbodiesel than the one we drove: 178 bhp instead of 163. A little more power then, but nearly the same consumption as before. The Thema will be on show in Switzerland in the business-color Granite Crystal.


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