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Future Bertone again hangs by a thread

6 January 2014 17:41 No comments


The 100-years-old and legendary Stile Bertone from Turin is again in danger of bankruptcy. The tough reality of the current automotive industry, in which manufacturers are trying to do as much as possible internally, is therefore a threat even to the biggest of names. The world famous towny Pininfarina has been in the same situation the last couple of years. Fortunately, though, the latter is now doing a lot better and rumor even has it that the future of Alfa Romeo will again bring new assignments to the firm from Cambiano.


One of Marcello Gandini’s brilliant concepts; the Alfa Romeo 33 Carabo

The one hundredth birthday of Nuccio Bertone (picture) – son of the founder – is celebrated this year. Under his capable leadership, the bodywork manufacturer turned big and determinative for the modern-day vehicle. But there will be few reasons to celebrate on this birthday, because despite the enormous fighting spirit of Bertone’s widow Lili, the construction of a museum and the leap to the Far East, the definitive bankruptcy now lingers. Production has been shut down ever since the factory in Grugliasco was sold to Fiat.


Stile Bertone is now in desperate need of an ideal takeover candidate or financer. There are still around 175 people working for this legendary company, though none of them have received any payments over the last few months. The judge will appoint a curator sometime soon.  Rumor has it that a Turkish firm is ready to take Bertone over for 2 million euros. This offer will be presented to the judge and is only one of the seven offers they received.


Marcello Gandini drew for Bertone for years. This is an original sketch of the Lancia Stratos.

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