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Fun teaser 500C Abarth USA with Alonso and Massa

19 November 2012 21:58 No comments

In this lovely video with racers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa as protagonists, Abarth is drawing all of the attention to the open 500C with scorpion-logo for the Los Angeles Motor Show at the end of this month. Very witty is the reference to the F1-entrance-style of the two fellows.  The small open Abarth is a model with great looks, driving dynamics and an amazing soundtrack, as we’ve been able to witness ourselves at AutoEdizione. The timing of this commercial is very clever, because it was shown during the F1 in Austin, Texas (where also the F12berlinetta was auctioned). Alonso finished third in the American GP.

Abarth’s message for the Americans is always very clear; small can be tough and masculine, even with an open roof in this case. This is a lot less ‘obvious’ in America than here in Europe. Still, Abarth is able to convince quite a lot of people overseas, as the sales are going better than expected. The closed variant is even sold out for this year. The American versions are fitted with the 165-bhp engine as standard, by the way.


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