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First pictures Alfa Romeo MiTo Serie 2

13 June 2013 13:37 4 comments

MiTo Serie2

These are the first two leaked press pictures of the updated Alfa Romeo MiTo, or what is officially called ‘Serie 2’. Whether FGA will actually call it that is still unknown, ‘MY2014’ is also a possibility. Despite the few changes, this minor update is very recognizable by its new grill with chrome framework like on the Giulietta. The interior is then again characterized by the new infotainment system which we’d shown before.

MiTo Serie2b

The latter is very welcome, as the old system was beginning to show its age. We already got to know the new Uconnect 5″ touchscreen in the 500L and liked it very much. Though Mirafiori is now nearly closed, the first units of this ‘Serie 2’ have already been produced and are ready for shipment towards the dealerships. The first deliveries have already taken place in Italy. Another thing we’re looking forward to in this updated MiTo is the 105 bhp TwinAir engine, instead of the former 85 bhp version which we tested only recently.



  1. Alfetta159 says:

    Any performance upgrades on the QV?

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  2. Diego says:

    @Alfetta159 No news about that yet, but we’ve never expected there to be an upgrade of the 1.4l… You’ve mentioned before that you want more hp in the QV. :-p
    But I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until 2015. But never say never of course. 😉

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  3. Alfetta159 says:

    That’s not good. At least they should have brought it inline with competitors. Alfa Romeo is the most sporting brand in the work with unrivaled race pedigree. Their cars should be class leading or at least on par with the best. Most of the hot hatches are offering 200bhp as standard, while Alfa offers only 170. They need cars that grab headlines. The 4C is such a car so let’s hope the next Mito will achieve this too. I thought the facelift would be an opportunity for a new high performance top of the range car to take the Mito back in to the headlines and get it noticed again. It’s losing sales in a free fall.

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  4. pumadog says:

    Agree! And there were rumors about a QV with 185 hp and also with TCT.

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