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First glimpse of backside successor Ferrari Enzo

18 December 2012 16:03 No comments

f70 rear

After the first teaser of the frontside, there is a now a new one of the backside of the Ferrari ‘F70’. The successor to the Enzo will really take the F1-feeling to public roads, both performance- as well as design-wise, by the looks of it. Can the functional, often misshapen, design of a hyper-car be converted into something inspiring?

If there’s one manufacturer able to do so, it’s Ferrari. And it looks like they’re doing brilliantly, in our opinion. Both the front- and backside have a functional yet harmonious design, much like we know from a few attractive Pininfarina-models from the past (picture below). We certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the PF-logo were to appear on the side of this new Enzo. This new top model was, by the way, recently introduced to a select group of people..


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