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First glimpse new Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce

24 February 2016 11:56 No comments


Today is when the renewed Alfa Romeo Giulietta is shown to a selected audience in Italy. A few pictures have already leaked of the 240hp Veloce though, replacement of the former Quadrifoglio Verde. The new grille in Giulia-style immediately catches the attention, while the entire air intake and thus front bumper has been redesigned. These first images show a red line around said air intake, but perhaps that’s fitted only to this top-spec Veloce version. The light units meanwhile look exactly the same as the first time we saw them back in 2010; no new LED-technology for this facelifted Giulietta then. Unfortunately the Giulia-font has also been carried over to the Giulietta (see last picture below). It might be more manly, but it’s also a lot less elegant. The new Giulietta will be on show in Geneva and we expect more pictures to hit the internet later today.




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