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First details on Maserati GranSport

29 December 2012 23:06 2 comments


Maserati’s new mid-engined GT is supposed to be a very competitive car, especially with the very popular Porsche 911. This is something we already reported and it has now been confirmed by the British Autocar. They also revealed a few extra details on what will most probably be called the GranSport. This Maserati two-seater most definitely won’t be a minor detail in the brand’s eager plans to grow big as it will be available in different variants.

The new sports car, which will technical-wise be sharing a lot with the Alfa Romeo 4C, will appear on the market in 2015 and will be available as both rear- as well as four-wheel drive. The real-wheel drive GranSport will get the V6 TwinTurbo producing 450 bhp in the back, while the four-wheel drive variant will be powered by a V8 TwinTurbo with 550 bhp. And we’re talking about a 1.400 kg (3086 pounds) car here. These are numbers which should allow the brand from Modena to compete with the machinery coming from Stuttgart. The new GT will have a unique position within the Fiat-group, in between Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.

Before 2015, however, we will first see the E-segment Ghibli and SUV Levante going on sale. The Ghibli will be coming next year, shortly after the new Quattroporte. Perhaps we’ll be seeing a little something of this completely new car in Geneva already.



  1. Alfetta159 says:

    550bhp V8!! Are we sure that Ferrari won’t mind 😉 ?

    Report user
  2. Diego says:

    Considering the F12berlinetta has 700 and the new Enzo is said to have around 900, I don’t think they’ll mind. 😀

    Report user

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