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Fiat wants to introduce Italian 3.0 V6 diesel in the USA

19 January 2012 17:27 No comments

Fiat wants to introduce the mighty V6 3.0 diesel engine from VM Motori on the American market. Besides small cars and small hamburgers, diesel engines in road cars are still very rare on the American market. But that will probably change in the near future because of rising oil prices. Introducing a diesel engine in America seems a bit of a culture shock, but in the end Fiat tries to benefit from the demand for more efficient engines.

The powerful 3.0 V6 from Italywhich we rather enjoyed– will be mounted in a new Pick-up truck from Dodge according to Sergio Marchionne. The recently updated Durango, for European standards a  gigantic SUV, also gets this engine. In the US though it’s called a ‘midsize’ SUV. In the future this Durango model might be introduced as a Fiat on the Latin American market. The CEO explained to the American press that FPT has a good reputation concerning diesel technology mentioning the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Lancia Thema as good examples. Jeep will soon introduce a diesel engine in its Grand Cherokee in the US. Jeep has already sold diesel powered cars in Canada with success.

Even though Marchionne plans to introduce this diesel engine ‘across the ocean’ , he said that this engine will not be introduced in regular cars from Chrysler, Dodge and Fiat (and from 2013 on, also Alfa Romeo) on the American market. According to ‘the big boss’ there is no market for cars with such an engine, therefore only SUVs and Pick-up trucks get the diesel engine.


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