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Fiat Viaggio live at China’s autoshow

23 April 2012 12:37 No comments

Fiat will start strong in China today, with the presentation of the new Viaggio (“travel” in Italian). These images are from Autoblog.it. Fiat presents itself to the Chinese people, by emphasizing the stylish design with the working title ‘ La vita è bella’. Especially the Italian quality of the product is right in the middle of the attention. Fiat has the advantage by offering a new model in China without a history of prejudgement about quality. Fiat has chosen to present itself as a reliable brand in this automotive industry. If we analyse the recent introduction of products based on the WCM (World Class Manufacturing), it makes common sense to emphasize the quality. Speaking of the performance of the new Viaggio, we expect a very high standard, not in the last place as it is based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Rumors are getting stronger that the Fei Xiang (Chinese name for the Fiat Viaggio) will receive a model extension (5-door version). If this is the case, then a historic era could revive: the era of the Fiat Croma, a spatial and practical car that saw light in 1985. Fiat will start in the next 12 months with a production of 100.000 cars at least. Apart from the Viaggio, Fiat also prsents the 500, 500C (plus ‘Gucci’ versions) and the Freemont. Later on this week Auto Edizione will review the 500 by Gucci, and later on an interesting QV…


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