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Fiat had troublesome 2013 in Europe (-7,3%)

16 January 2014 10:14 No comments


The year 2013 was yet again painful for the European car market, and Fiat SpA was dealt heavy blows mainly because of the even worse conditions in Italy. The market as a whole closed the year with a decrease of 1,8% and 12,3 million sold cars. It is the sixth year the market has shrunk since the mid-nineties. The turnaround in the last month offered some hope, though (+13%). It was the best December-month since 2009, but also the third to worst since 2003.

Fiat again sold fewer cars than in 2012, which was no good year either. A decrease of 7,3% was noted in 2013 with 794.497 sold vehicles over the entire year. December showed a 2,3% increase (51.894 units), but even that is way below the +13% of the entire market. The total market share of the Italian brands dropped by nearly half a percent from 6,4% in 2012 to 6% last year.


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