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Fiat slowly working on successor Punto

19 December 2012 10:48 No comments

Punto opvolger

Fiat is working on a new B-segment car which will be positioned above the Panda as a successor to the current Punto. This news was reported by the newspaper La Repubblica. More details have not yet been revealed, but it looks like the new Punto will be entirely different from the current edition.

Fiat wants to have two different characters as a car brand. On the one hand they will have their lifestyle-models with the ‘500’-indication (500, 500L, 500X) and on the other hand the more economic models which will especially be marketed in Italy and Brazil. The Panda is an important basis and is an indication for what is to come. Even the future C-segment from Cassino will be based on the same idea. This plan, however, doesn’t have priority for now (unlike Melfi and Mirafiori). The successor to the Punto will go into production late 2014 or early 2015 at the earliest. It will presumably be built in a renewed Melfi together with the 500X and a small Jeep as all three models will share the same Small-Wide platform. The renovated factory in San Nicola di Melfi will resemble the WCM-plant of Pomigliano d’Arco where the Panda is built.


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