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Fiat reaches ’employees agreement’ on Termini Imerese

21 December 2011 18:04 2 comments

The legendary Fiat plant in Termini Imerese (Sicily) has been the center of attention the last few months and FGA has now signed, on special conditions, another agreement concerning their former employees. In the past loads of Fiat Panda’s used to be build here, the most southern isle of the country (picture). The new ower of the plant, Italian DR motor, will restructure the plant and start it’s own operations, partly sustained by former FGA Termini Imerese SpA (plus Plastic Components) employees. From 1 January 2012 onwards 1,530 in total will have to stay at home. During next year around 30 % of the 1,417 Fiat employees and 40 from Plastic Components will take part in DR’s industrial plans. Effectively this means some will directly be involved in the production process of DR, others will be employed in related businesses. A month earlier FGA already signed a 4 year financial agreement worth 21 milion euros for employees who are close to retirement age. Employment is crucial in this region so the traditionally strong unions where quite satisfied with measures taken by FGA.



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