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Fiat Powertrain Pratola Serra engine-factory soon at full strength

6 February 2013 20:24 No comments


FMA Pratola Serra, the South-Italian factory in the Campania-region which once provided Alfa Sud in Pomigliano d’Arco with engines, is a soon-to-be-busy location. Just like in the former Bertone-factory in Turin (where the new Maserati Quattroporte has gone into production), a very productive phase will soon be starting during which a great deal of produced goods will be exported to regions far beyond the Italian borders.

The 1.800 employees of this factory in the Avellino-province are currently working about 3 days a month. It is therefore one of the most poignant cases within the understaffed production capacity of Fiat SpA at this moment. Late next year, however, an end will come to this dreadful period when the production of several new power sources will start. Pratola Serra will again be doing what it does best; producing medium-big engines, both diesel as well as petrol.


The local politicians and trade unions of this borough of Irpinia have been demanding the transportation of the production of small engines from Poland to this region for a long time already. The last weeks, however, they haven’t been complaining anymore, as Marchionne’s strategy seems to be way more prosperous; the production of big engines for export to the US and China.

Suzuki will be an important client ordering lots of 1.6 MultiJet diesel-engines annually for their new Crossover which will be built in Hungary. Around 80.000 of these should be produced a year and some will also be shipped to Serbia for the 500L. The ‘crème de la crème’, however, will be the extremely light new 1750 engine of Alfa Romeo which will be of extraordinary importance to the entire Italian concern. It is going to be an engine block with many purposes; while it will be extremely powerful in the Alfa Romeo 4C, they are working on a less ‘aggressive’ version for the American variant of the 500L (and 500XL). They expect to manufacture at least 50.000 of these a year. But that’s not all, because also the new compact SUV’s by the brands Fiat and Jeep will be fitted with – in Pratola Serra produced – diesel- (1.6) and petrol-engines (1.8). The numbers will also be growing at that moment and then we haven’t even mentioned the several engines of the upcoming Alfa Romeo-models which will all be produced in Italy. Good news, then, for Fiat Powertrain Fma Pratola Serra. CEO Marchionne even talked about a future of sparkling brilliant engines ‘Made in Italy’.


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