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Fiat Pomigliano d’Arco awaits gold medal WCM

25 June 2013 11:32 No comments


Pomigliano d’Arco, the Fiat-factory which received a silver World Class Manufacturing medal last year, can soon be awarded the golden prize. This plant builds the magnificently reliable Fiat Panda and will be visited by the Japanese WCM-guru Hajime Yamashina at the end of this week. The gold medal is given when all aspects of production and management have remained the same since last year and of course when they’ve improved as well.

Fiat’s current method of car manufacturing in Naples is amongst the most advanced and effective in the world. This is also the reason why several other parties came and had a look at this Giambattista Vico Plant over the last months. The factory is working at full strength at the moment because of the high demand for the Panda. Work was even continued during the last two Saturdays, which is rather remarkable given the current crisis. There was a bit of protest from the outside world against these extra shifts, but no one actually took this serious as the employees are begging for more work. Fiat expects to steadily bring back the remaining 1.400 employees who are now still at home as well. Several departments of this factory are now not in use, but chances are that Fiat might be bringing another model to Pomigliano next to the Panda in a few years’ time as well.



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