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Fiat opens ‘500 Custom Shop’ in America

12 November 2012 0:39 One comment

Now that the Fiat 500 is doing so well in America, the Italian car manufacturer decided to give its trendy city car another boost by starting the ‘500 Custom Shop’. This is probably also the reason why there were so many special custom-versions of the compact Fiat at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. We thought we were wrong and that’s why we didn’t go any further than the fun ‘Beach Cruiser’ and the ‘Magneti Marelli’, but the ‘Café Racer’ was certainly present too (pictures). A fun Spartan creation with Abarth-logo, silver-colored paintwork, lowered roofline, exhaust-system in the side skirts and a trailer with a retro-motorcycle. If the interior hadn’t been so shabby, it might even have been a difficult choice between this one and the Beach Cruiser.

In Europe, the Fiat 500 is already available in plenty of different styles, which is also the strength of this timeless little car. In the US, however, Fiat will be giving its customers even more opportunities, which perfectly suits the American tradition and is the main reason why the 75-year old Mopar is so successful. And this is exactly Fiat’s advantage over Mini, as the Germans do not offer this many personalization-options. Mopar is reaching a much wider audience and the 500 will surely benefit from this.

As a customer in Europe, you can of course choose between many different colors and tones, but in America there are no less than 60 explicit adaptations on the options-list. Once the customer has ticked a few of those options, Fiat will assemble the car in their Custom Shop, much like we are used to by Abarth. This service which we know from the scorpion is thus also perfectly comparable to that of Fiat in the US. Fiat USA says it only needs 21 days to get the car ready and delivered. Tim Kuniskis, CEO of Fiat North-America, says the brand wants to fully exploit this service and in order to do so, they will need to put a lot of effort into it.


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