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Fiat offers best customer service according to French research

3 November 2012 13:39 One comment

One might expect a French car brand to win this prize, but this year it was the Italian Fiat which won the ‘Best Customer Care’ award in France. The search for the car manufacturer offering the best customer service was organized by Viséo Conseil. This recognition was awarded for the first time in 2007. The car brands are evaluated on no less than 26 aspects. This is a very thorough investigation, as the helpdesk of Fiat, together with those of the other brands, was subject to 215 secret tests from May up to July. This mainly happened via phone, e-mail and internet. Afterwards, every aspect of the quality of the service was thoroughly evaluated.

Though Fiat, together with the Mopar®-service label, is located all over the world, it was the Customer Service Center in Arese which was decisive. In the former industry complex of Alfa Romeo, the offices are still up and running, including a big department dealing with customer service. It is from here out that contact with the clients is arranged for entire Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA consisting of 16 markets). More than 400 employees are working in Arese, speaking 13 different languages and adding up to a total of 28.000 hours of work a year for this department. A recent product of FGA on this matter are the applications for mobile devices; ‘Cioa Fiat Mobile’, ‘Lancia Everywhere Mobile’, ‘Alfa Romeo InfoMobile’, ‘I am Jeep Mobile’, ‘Abarth24h Mobile’, ‘Fiat Professional Mobile’ and ‘Fiat Ducato Camper Mobile’. These free services are available for iPhone and Android. More than 170.000 clients throughout Europe are already using these handy apps (including your editor).

France is thus convinced about Fiat’s qualities on offering customer service. Unfortunately, this has not yet helped the sales numbers, as FGA also decreased last month in this important market. The total market dropped by 7,8% in comparison to October last year. Fiat Group performed ‘normal’ given these numbers, with -8%. Local car manufacturers are having way more trouble, for example Renault which decreased by 26,4%, even despite the new Clio.


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