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Fiat might also manufacture the Dodge Dart in Italy

19 October 2012 0:27 No comments

The Fiat management is considering to manufacture the Dodge Dart in Italy for export to the US. After good news about talks with the government (about enhancing the export possibilities in Italian factories) and a brief meeting with the trade unions, it now seems there is some kind of a ‘plan B’ in the making. Apparently not only the employees of Mirafiori will be reassured at the end of this month, but also the very unclear future of Cassino might finally be adjusted in a positive way. The Dodge Dart shares its technique with the Giulietta and wouldn’t require a lot of investment to manufacture, especially now that cars such as the Bravo and Delta are having difficulties on the European market. They are expecting a solid growth in America and will thus choose for an Italian contribution instead of expanding the capacity in Belvidere, Illinois.

All this will only be officially announced on the 30th of October, but anonymous witnesses couldn’t help themselves from sharing this positive news with the world (and especially the Italians). Melfi might have to wait a little longer for an expansion of the production and can slowly start preparing itself for the coming of the new Punto. From November until December, this plant, where the current Punto is manufactured, will even have to shut its doors for 20 days in order to prevent an oversupply.


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