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Fiat Melfi plant up to 3 months closed

27 July 2012 16:02 No comments

The area near the Fiat factory in Melfi (province Potenza, region Basilicata) reaches its limit for Punto’s which are produced to generate stock (see photo). The directors of Fiat (located in Turin) have decided that the factory will be closed almost completely for up to 3 months. These 3 months are planned from August to October 2012. These measures are temporarily made to keep overcapacities at a normal level.

Cars will be produced during a couple of days in this period in the SATA factory, before the production of the second best sold car of Italy will be fully continued. Last month production was also stopped for a few days, something we are familiar with since last year (in relation to Melfi). Fiat is looking for a partner to share production capacities at this factory. There are possibilities that Fiat will build the successor of the Mazda ‘2’, together with a new Punto (2014).


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