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Fiat Melfi can look forward to 2 new production models

20 December 2012 14:32 No comments


Good news for the big Fiat-factory of Melfi and all other production locations in Italy. In presence of Prime Minister Monti, Sergio Marchionne has announced that no less than 17 models will be coming from Italy in the following years. The CEO asks the employees to have faith and perseverance in these difficult times. By 2016, Fiat hopes to make profit again by means of produced goods coming from its home country. The management is also hoping to operate at least break-even again in Europe by that time. They are deliberately choosing to not ask for government support, so said Marchionne. Italy needs to remain an important foundation for Fiat in Europe, but also for the export towards the entire world.

marchionne melfi

Melfi can look forward to the production of two new models which should go into production relatively soon (once the assembly lines are ready). It is an investment of 1 billion euros (1,32 billion dollars or 0,81 billion pounds). The goal is to employ everyone again within 3 years and to produce 1.600 cars a day. Next to the US, also Asia will be an important export market for the production in Melfi. Fiat only revealed details two models; a new Fiat with ‘500’-badge and a new compact Jeep.

Source: Wallstreet Italia


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