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Fiat Group is considering major Jeep-production facility in China

23 October 2012 22:03 No comments

Fiat believes there is so much potential for the brand Jeep in China that it wants to work out a large-scale production plan, making it possible to manufacture all the Jeep-models on Chinese soil. Together with partner GAC, Fiat is now working on a plan for the construction of a second big factory. It is perfectly possible that, in the future, Alfa Romeos might be produced here as well. The talks would already be at an advanced stage, though the management is not in a hurry since the current factory in Changsha is now producing 140.000 cars annually, while it is perfectly capable of bringing forth 500.000 units a year. From the introduction of the Fiat Viaggio on, it is the intention to introduce at least one new model every year on this growing market. Before Fiat took over Chrysler, there were already Jeeps being manufactured in China thanks to a cooperation with Daimler.

The brand Chrysler too, which is only sold as Lancia in Europe, will be working on a new gamma for the Chines showrooms in the following years. The upcoming 200/Flavia will be one of the most important introductions in the near future. This D-segment model on the longest variant of the Compact Wide Platform will be appearing in several variants. These American brands are now already being sold in China and resulted in 153.154 sold units in September, of which 117.189 were fitted with the Jeep-logo.


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