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Fiat Great Britain resumes 500L-campaign with ‘The Fatherhood’

26 March 2013 8:59 No comments


After thousands of positive reactions about the rapping mother in a 500L, Fiat Great Britain has now made a ‘sequel’ with a singing father as a leading character. Fiat UK has all the right reasons to try their very best at marketing this car, as the 500, Panda and now 500L are all doing extremely well. The sales increased by no less than 38% in February compared to last year.

After ‘The Motherhood’, there is now also the equally fun ‘The Fatherhood’, referring to the Britpop from the eighties. The father wishes he could have his youth back because of the constant crying of his twins and sings his frustrations out. Driving the 500L before bedtime is their last refuge. The father drives the very comfortable 500L through the night, much like The Human League did in the ‘Don’t You Want Me’-video (the melody sounds somewhat like it as well). A Kate Bush-imitation was added to the clip as well, while The Mother also has a very brief appearance.


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