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Fiat dedicates Automotoretrò 2013 to Agnelli

7 February 2013 17:24 No comments


Italy honors its heroes; we already reported yesterday that Pininfarina will be showing a concept as an ode to Sergio in Geneva, and today we can tell you that Fiat will be dedicating the annual Automotoretrò-event in Turin to Gianni Agnelli. These legendary entrepreneurs were close friends, by the way (picture below).


A special exposition will be presented in the expo halls of Lingotto Fiere from the 8th until the 10th of February. This exhibition will be showing the cars which were once in possession of l’Avvocato. Gianni Agnelli was commemorated not so long ago because it was exactly ten years ago when he passed away, as you were explained on AutoEdizione.

It is the 31st edition of Automotoretrò. The Fiats which the former big boss of Lingotto used to drive and have now been put on show are a Panda Rock Moretti from 1985 (used as a vacation car), a Fiat 125 from 1968 with 1600 90 bhp engine and a special automatic gearbox and a Marea Berlina from 2001 with 2.4 five-cylinder engine (Lancia) with automatic gearbox. These cars are probably a teaser of what we can expect in the Museo dell’Automobile di Torino this spring. As a symbol of the modern day-Fiat, the 500L will be joining these models of Agnelli.


But it doesn’t end there, because Lancia is also present as the beloved brand of l’Avvocato. The limousine-versions of both the Thema (1988) and Kappa (1996) will be on show as well. These were used for work-related transportations. Furthermore, a gorgeous and unique Thema 8.32 SW from 1988 will also be attending the event.

Those who love rare Lancias should also check out the stand of Automobile Club Torino, as they are showing the Lancia ECV and ECV 2 from 1986 and 1987; experimental vehicles from the glorious rally-period of the brand from Chivasso.


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