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Fiat 500X bigger than expected: C-segment

26 March 2013 8:39 2 comments


Those who thought that the Fiat-factory in San Nicola di Melfi would be producing cars the size of the 500L, were wrong. The Fiat 500X will be built on the longest variant of the ‘Small Wide’ platform and will therefore be a fair amount bigger than its smaller brother from Serbia. The same of course also counts for the smaller Jeep, which will also be built on the same platform and in the same factory. The 500X will thus be the biggest (and the last, for now) variant to be given the 500-indication, is what Autocar reported yesterday. In short: the biggest Fiat in the US in a couple of months. Lingotto might think of it as the logical successor to the Bravo, given the fact that this is the last classic hatchback by Fiat in the C-segment.

It seems like Fiat is creating a new segment above the existing B-segment, which will increase the supply. We thought that the 500L was already quite ‘Large’ for a B-segment car, so we can imagine how big the 500X will be. Furthermore, we recently spotted a heavily camouflaged Crossover on the testing grounds of Fiat, but unfortunately weren’t allowed to take pictures of it.



  1. I look fwd to the 500X. Fine. Might actually buy one for my missus.

    But the BAD news is that Fiat is renouncing to the C-segment. They can’t seriously think they can tackle the golf size with a B-SUV!

    Therefore read:

    NO Viaggio for Europe
    NO Viaggio hatchback for europe or anywhere (?)
    NO midsize Fiat

    One can only wonder: when will Fiat stop making cars altogether?

    I agree that in these dire times saving bucks is on order, but will Fiat eventually come out of the mess?
    NOT if they quit all possible market sectors!

    I really hope they read this.

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  2. Ricardo says:

    This is more ‘500’ compared to the 500L. 😆

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