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Fiat 500L Trekking and 500XL first and second half 2013 in Europe

29 November 2012 8:58 2 comments

The yesterday revealed and gorgeous 500L Trekking will be debuting in Geneva next spring in Europe. This news was announced in a short interview with Fiat CEO Olivier François yesterday. Furthermore, he said that the longer variant of the 500L, the seven-seat 500XL (this is the actual name it will be given), will be introduced in the autumn of 2013 in Europe. Our guess is this will take place at the next edition of the IAA. Nothing has been confirmed yet, by the way, about the 500XL also hitting the American market.

Our editorial office will be heading to Switzerland to discover the 500L Trekking, especially since we now know that the Amsterdam Auto-Rai is off the schedule in April. The market introduction of the Trekking in Europe will apparently take place earlier than in America, where this is only scheduled for the beginning of next summer. They are clearly choosing to properly market the ‘regular’ 500L first overseas. François expects both the 500L as the 500L Trekking to represent half of the sales numbers on American soil, while he’s expecting an 80%-20% distribution in Europe. We think they might be mistaken at Fiat, because the attractive Trekking might very well be a perfect practical anti-crisis mini-SUV, able to attract lots of attention both in Italy as well as in the rest of Europe.

The American expectations for the 500L is something François wouldn’t reveal a word about. Just like Marchionne, the Frenchman said they don’t want to make the same mistake as they did with the 500, when the sales expectations were put too high. What he did say, however, is that they plan to sell more than Mini. In the meantime the 500 is going like a train in the US and they are quietly awaiting the results of this newbie. “Don’t talk, just do” is apparently the (correct) attitude in Turin and Detroit.



  1. pumadog says:

    1. The American 500L looks better than the European one. I don’t like the fat black front insert, the US version look is a bit closer to the normal 500.
    2. The Trekking version looks best of the pack. Same goes for the Panda 4×4/Trekking, looking more capable and sporty than the standard versions.
    3. If the 5-seater is called L and the 7-seater XL, the naming of the crossover as X could be quite irritating. But then we also have the option/engine naming as T and E for the normal 500. Quite a wild system! 😕

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  2. Diego says:


    Completely agree with you, the American version indeed looks best and so does the Trekking/4×4 version. 🙂
    Still, doesn’t meen the European version looks bad, quite the contrary. The US-version just looks even better.

    About those names… I think it’s just a matter of getting used to. And once they (possibly) step over to the ‘600’-indication for the C-D-segment, they might have already achieved some brand awareness because of all the 500’s driving around.

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