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Fiat 500L: the car which makes its own coffee

4 July 2012 16:53 No comments

To demonstrate that Italian inventiveness doesn’t end with a nicely designed car, Fiat will be introducing a unique portable espresso machine of Lavazza for the 500L. Fiat came up with this wonderful idea in cooperation with Lavazza and as a 500L-owner it’ll be yours for an extra 250 euros. It keeps getting clearer that the 500L will be a perfect example of ‘Made in Italy’.

Next to the handy cups, the espresso-set exists of a reinterpretation of the traditional ‘macchinetta del caffè’ by Bialetti, which astonished the entire world before the Second World War. The concept is the same; the specially designed flagon can be safely heated in between the chairs. The water in the bottom eventually reaches the correct temperature and is then pressed through the coffee (in specific pads). The result is delicious Italian coffee in the upper reservoir. According to the first reactions from the US, where the 500L will be introduced in the beginning of next year, this could be an enormous hype over there. Fiat is thus offering more than only huge cups!


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