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Fiat 500L sold more than 34.000 times

2 February 2013 11:38 No comments

Fiat-500L (1)

The new Fiat 500L is stealing hearts in these difficult times. 2013 didn’t start well for the automotive sector in Italy (-17,6%) because of the worsening economic situation for the consumers. Despite this, though, the 500L was bought 3.113 times on the peninsula and Fiat has meanwhile reported that the car has been sold more than 34.000 times over entire Europe. A little less than half the sales took place in Italy itself with the 1.3 MultiJet being the most popular version by far (second most popular diesel in Italy). The 500L has in the meantime turned into the most popular spacious B-segment car in Italy. Fiat is gaining profit on this tactical model which is being produced in perfect fiscal circumstances in Serbia (picture).


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