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Fiat 500L 1.6 MultiJet and Natural Power debut in Sanremo

14 February 2013 15:27 No comments


The new versions of the Fiat 500L, the 1.6 MultiJet diesel producing 105 bhp and the TwinAir Natural Power on CNG producing 80 bhp, will be kicking off earlier than expected. “Why wait for an auto show where everyone is trying to draw attention to themselves, while there is a giant festival in your own country?” is what the management of Fiat must have thought. Lingotto has come up with a winner in these difficult times, as the 500L has been sold almost 40.000 times already.


The 500L is on its way of becoming the best sold B-segment car in Italy and was already the best sold car overall in January. The big national music festival of Sanremo takes place from the 12th until the 26th of February and the 500L is the guest of honor. It is the 63rd edition since 1951 when Nilla Pizza won with the song ‘Grazie dei Fiori’. 63 years ago, the event took place in the local casino of the city situated at the Ligurian shore. Fiat has made a special advertisement for these launches in Sanremo (see pictures).


This new 500L with 1.6 MultiJet II diesel-engine will also be available with the very decent Dualogic-automatic. Next to this 1.6 putting out 105 bhp, there is of course also the 1.3 MultiJet turbo diesel producing 85 bhp. The two-cylinder TwinAir Turbo on CNG (80 bhp), on the other hand, is added to the existing range of the 0.9 (105 bhp) and the 1.4 with 95 bhp.



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