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Fiat 500E heading to Oscars 2013

14 February 2013 11:41 No comments


Fiat is going to the Oscars in Hollywood and is a host with the new 500E during the night of the Academy Awards. No big plans for the fully electric Fiat 500E, was the clear message coming from Lingotto. A plug-in car as this one isn’t profitable, they said… They must have changed their minds. This green version of the ‘cinquecento’ is due to be launched in California this summer, but will first be taking a pit stop on the red carpet of Hollywood. The ‘Green Night’-cocktail party is being held on Thursday the 21st of February and the celebrities/invitees will be able to have a closer look at the 500E there.

Though the sales haven’t started yet, the 500E already comes highly recommended. This small Fiat is considered the most practical electric car for on a daily basis commute and is also the best-looking by far. Fiat is doing well in the US and sold 43.772 cars in 2012.

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