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Ferrari working on new engine range for Alfa Romeo

1 February 2013 9:39 4 comments


It is said that Fiat SpA will be announcing a new engine range for Alfa Romeo next month, to once again confirm that the glorious car brand is returning. Automotive News was the source reporting this news yesterday. The article also stated, once again, that Marchionne pays a lot of attention to this technical aspect and that the expertise of Ferrari will be put to good use in all this. An important foundation will be the new – aluminum built – 1.8l from the Fiat Powertrain-factory in Pratola Serra. V6- (petrol and diesel) and V8-engines are expected at the top, the same as Maserati.

As far as the production of the Giulia concerns, a lot is being kept secret. Many are hoping for 2014 in Cassino, but we all know that this factory hasn’t been given a new production plan yet, meaning next year doesn’t seem reasonable. Furthermore, Cassino will keep on focusing on the C-segment. Others are guessing it will be Mirafiori where an SUV will be built on the same platform and – possibly – two new assembly lines will be built (1 for the Giulia and 1 for the Maserati- & Alfa Romeo-SUV). However, this factory, too, will only be able to start its first production phase late next year at the earliest.



  1. Tom Tanner says:

    Good news that should create some great Alfa engines in the future. Any news on the specs of the Alloy block 1750 turbo motor?? I hear the block is an aluminum version of the present 1750 TBi block with new heads +4-pot turbos?? Is that confirmed.

    Tom Tanner/Ferrari Expo 2013-Chicago March 23rd 2013
    and on ferrarichat.com

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  2. Diego says:

    The 1750 turbo-engine: 100% aluminum, built in Pratola Serra (Fiat Powertrain), new evolution to the existing ‘scavenging’-technique, around 250 bhp. The 4C should go from 0-100 in under 5 seconds and on to a top speed exceeding 250 km/h (155 mph). 🙂

    More details (of the 4C) here;


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  3. Alfetta159 says:

    A long over-due decision IMO. But better late than never 😉

    Music to every Alfisti’s ears!

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