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Ferrari will develop new 6 cylinder generation

27 March 2012 9:59 No comments

Two years ago our Dutch colleagues already reported about a possibile new Ferrari 6 cylinder engine. If we should rely on recent comments from Ferrari executive Amadeo Felisa to British Autocar, those ideas are still prety much alive. The rising demand in the U.S. would be the reason for Ferrari to seriously consider the reincarnation of the ‘baby’ turbo-charged V6. When is not clear though. The new and small prawnsing horse engine has been mentioned several times in line with the V12 and V8 hybrid engines. For that reason it will be another step in Ferrari’s quest for a better fuel consumption – performance balance and increased ecological credibility.

It is noteworthy Maserati and Alfa Romeo are currently developing a new 6 cylinder generation with turbo’s based on the American Pentastar. Although Ferrari has a long established tradition of manufacturing there own cars and parts, it is not sure whether this is pure coincidence or part of a general FGA long term policy. The new 6 cylinder will ensure an increase in performance and a reduction in fuel consumption, as with almost all latest Fiat Air Technologies products.¬†Ferrari once build a 6 cylinder engine together with Fiat (used in the Fiat Dino Spider) in order to participate in the Formula 2. Luckily the 6 cylinder from Maranello will sooner or later make its come back.


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