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Ferrari Enzo and FXX of Michael Schumacher on sale

26 June 2013 17:01 2 comments


Those of you who really love Ferrari Scuderia, and are rather wealthy, are going to be very pleased to read this; the impressive black FXX of Michael Schumacher is on sale. The former car of the multiple times Ferrari-champion is on show at the Swiss exclusive car dealer Ferrari-Zenith. Should you miss the FXX, though, there’s also a ‘regular’ Enzo on sale which used to belong to Schumi. This red hypercar has only been driven for 8.500 kilometers (5.300 miles) and was, just like the FXX, a gift. Given the many signatures underneath the carbon fiber bonnet (picture), the Enzo was clearly Ferrari’s way of saying thank you for yet another championship. Even big boss Luca Cordero di Montezemolo went through the trouble of putting his.


Both cars are rather exclusive as it is, but these were actually both tailor-made for Schumacher. The Enzo should raise no less than 1,13 million euros (1,47 million dollars or 960.000 pounds), while the FXX (with only 900 kilometers or 560 miles on the counter (!)) will only change owner when 2,05 million euros (2,67 million dollars or 1,74 million pounds) is offered.



  1. Eman says:

    I wonder what makes Michael want to sell these jewels. Ferrari guys might feel offended. Also, these pieces are quite unique. Michael could have put up an auction. What was he thinking when he brought them to the dealership just like that? I don’t get it.

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  2. Ricardo says:


    Michael is a Mercedes man now :mrgreen:

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