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Extra cheap Fiat 500L for Serbians

26 March 2013 11:40 No comments


The Serbians are manufacturing the 500L with much precision and dedication, we have meanwhile discovered, and that’s why they deserve a lower price tag so they can afford one themselves. The mayor of Kragujevac is in the meantime already driving a silver-colored 500L. In order to turn this republic into a true Fiat-country, the manufacturer has now reached an agreement for an extra cheap variant for the local market.

This basic version will cost no more than 10.900 euros (14.000 dollars or 9.200 pounds), which is about 3.000 euros less than a Pop-version’s price tag in Italy. The signatures were put last week Friday by the CEO of the Fiat factory, Antonio Cesare Ferrara, and the Serbian Minister of Finance, Mladjan Dinkic. Expected is that 5.000 units should be delivered to the local market this year. Furthermore, they will soon be hiring 600 extra employees in Kragujevac and another 800 next year. There are now 2.500 people at work in this factory, but this number should grow to around 4.000 eventually. New manpower will be sought from April onwards, when an investment of 10 million euros will start to expand the production and install new machines.


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