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Euro NCAP Advanced Award for City Brake Control Fiat 500L

26 June 2013 15:52 No comments


The people at Euro NCAP already gave the Fiat 500L five stars when it comes to safety, and they’ve now added an additional recognition for the City Brake Control-system (read all about it here) on this Italian family car. We already reported that this system was optionally available during the launch of the Panda. The 500L with 5-star NCAP rating has now received the ‘Advanced Award’ for this mechanism which prevents an accident from happening at low speeds (5-30 km/h or 3-19 mph). It makes use of the laser type LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) which can be found behind the rear-view mirror (picture) and scans the road up ahead. In case of a sudden appearance of an obstacle, the CBC communicates with the ESC (Electronic Stability Control).


Depending on several parameters (such as road surface, the position of the obstacle(s), tire conditions,…) the system is capable of preventing an accident, or at least restrain the damage, when the driver has no time to intervene himself (or simply doesn’t). Fiat calls this ‘Collision Avoidance’ or ‘Collision Mitigation’.


The CBC can be put on or off and consists of ‘Automatic Emergency Braking’ (AEB), ‘Prefill’ and ‘Brake Assist’. In plain English this means that the system can either brake itself, prepare the brakes for being used and/or assist when the driver is actually braking. This short video below will show you how the system works.


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