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Design Giulia continued in the US, future Punto will be re-designed

2 August 2012 14:06 No comments

According to Quattroruote the project of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia will be continued completely in the US. Some earlier designs were rejected by Marchionne. To keep communication as fast as possible chief of design Lorenzo Ramaciotti had to transfer to Detroit. But it wasn’t just Ramaciotti who transferred to Detroit, according to insiders also five projects accompanied him overseas. Part of these projects is the next Jeep which will share its basic platform with the 500X. Production is planned for 2014. It seems that Centro Stile had 4 final designs for the Giulia, but they all were rejected. Apparently the process of design located at the other side of an ocean isn’t that easy to manage. In the future more and more designs will be made in the US. This is also in line with the plans of producing the Giulia in the US.

An other remarkable statement is that Fiat re-designs the future Punto. The approach is probably based on new ideas and design studies of the competition (Clio and 208). According to information from last year, the design of the Punto is influenced by Pininfarina, but this could also be Bertone or I.D.E.A.


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Alfa Romeo , FCA , Fiat

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