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Date new Alfa Romeo announced by Marchionne

11 September 2014 18:56 No comments


Sergio Marchionne – the man who scared entire Italy when he waved Luca Cordero di Montezemolo goodbye a few days ago – has stated a date on which we can expect to see the new Alfa Romeo. And a very symbolic one at that; June 24th 2015. Yes indeed, the exact date on which the brand from Portello (and later on Arese) is to turn 105 years old. We don’t know what baffles us most; Di Montezemolo leaving Ferrari or the new Alfa being announced for halfway through 2015 already.


‘Already?’ we hear you thinking with astonishment. Of course it is long overdue, but we’re amazed that this new important Alfa should be ready by as early as June already given it is still in a very early stage of development at this moment. The first testing phase of ‘Progetto 952’ has only just been spotted, while preparations for the production in Cassino can’t have started earlier than a few weeks back. This means they’ll have their work cut out if they plan to respect this schedule. We expect that the model presented next summer will only be a concept (though a close-to-production-ready one), while the assembly line should be ready by the end of 2015.


Another way to look at it is that Marchionne had no other option than to release a date sooner or later. Even though the man loathes the announcing of exact dates, he practically had no other choice this time. Last year at a press conference he even stated that those wanting to know the date should take a look at the inside of his thigh, as that’s where the exact date was tattooed. But the big boss no longer gets away with such kinds of jokes this time around, as analysts need to start believing in the investment plan for Alfa Romeo, especially considering the IPO on Wall Street is right around the corner. A few years ago Marchionne said that they were working on Alfa Romeo at the speed of light and that 2015 was the year when we could expect the first tangible results. Seems like he wasn’t lying.


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