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Dashboard Alfa Romeo 4C

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The Alfa Romeo 4C is in the spotlights again thanks to its presence at the Technico Classica in Germany. All the information concerning the dashboard has now been released. It was developed by the Italian company MTA, measures 7 inches, can optionally be covered in carbon fiber and is capable of showing both 2 as well as 3D images. Furthermore, as we already knew, the information the driver sees on the screen is variable depending on the DNA-mode. Or should we say ‘RDNA’, now that a new fourth Race-mode has been added to the 4C?

Let’s start with the safest of them all, ‘All Weather’. Driving in this mode means you see the following information on the screen: date, outside temperature, speed, current gear, rpm, oil level and water temperature with a blue background. ‘Natural’ is exactly the same, except for the blue background, which turns into regular black. ‘Dynamic’ is next, offering a bit more sophisticated insights: the date makes place for two indicators; one for the turbo pressure and one for the motor oil level (red background). And last but certainly not least, there’s ‘Race’ which makes things really sophisticated; the background turns yellow and the two indicators of ‘Dynamic’ make way for a circle in which a dot moves around, showing the levels of frontal and lateral acceleration the driver and perhaps passenger are subject to. Neat!


The screen always leaves a bit of room, in every mode, for warning lights. There’s also space for the 14 ‘most important’ indicators to the left and to the right from the screen: airbags, lights, ABS, direction indicators,… There are three buttons in the car which let the driver navigate through the dashboard. These can change the units of measurement (km/h or mph for example) or the language, while a fourth button controls the trip computer. This latter allows one to store trips and see statistics of earlier ones, such as fuel consumption.


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