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Complete Alfa Romeo D-segment coming

30 December 2012 16:20 5 comments


The Board of Directors of Fiat SpA is said to have offered more clarity towards the shareholders this week about the short-term plans for Alfa Romeo. As we had already reported, there will be 9 new models coming, of which many are still wondering what kind of cars these will be and in which Italian factory they should be produced. Many are still carefully assuming Cassino will be the production location, yet given the scale of these plans Mirafiori seems like a more suited candidate. This big factory in Turin can expect more clearness on this matter in the next month.

The name ‘Giulia’ has not yet been officially mentioned, but it has been announced that we can expect a very complete D-segment range offering several models on the same basis. These D-segment vehicles should remind us, the enthusiasts, of Alfa Romeo-models from the past (picture above). A few other, not unimportant, things were said as well; Alfa Romeo needs to be a brand which is known for its quality, technique and pricing.

alfa-romeo-toekomst2 (1)

The D-segment of Alfa Romeo will (logically) be positioned below the E-segment flagship which will be built in Turin (presumably Grugliasco) and will be based on the upcoming Maserati Ghibli. Next to a sedan, also a Sportwagon, SUV and coupe (!) will be built. This extensive project has meanwhile been given its blessing for further development. As extra niche-products, Alfa Romeo will also be bringing the 4C, convertible 4C (Targa) and Spider Duetto before 2016.

The positioning in the market will be right against the main rivals BMW and Audi, though be it lower priced. The price list of this new D-segment of the Milanese brand will set you back in between 27.000 and 47.000 euros (35.700 – 62.100 dollars or 22.100 – 38.500 pounds). The E-segment Alfa will be yours for 35.000 euros (46.300 dollars or 28.650 pounds), just like the Spider Duetto. The 4C variants will be more expensive, with prices starting at 50.000 euros (66.100 dollars or 40.950 pounds). Meanwhile, the B- and C-segments will be maintained by bringing updates of the existing models to the market.



  1. Alfetta159 says:

    I thought the Duetto is due in 2015? Has it got pushed back?

    When they say updates for B (and C) segments, I assume replacement with 5 door Mito based on the 500L platform (?) and Giulietta facelift?

    Report user
  2. Diego says:

    All models/updates mentioned above should indeed be going on sale before 2016 (meaning 2015 at the latest). 🙂

    And we’re indeed talking about an update (facelift) for the Giulietta and MiTo. However, no more news has been revealed on this matter thus far…

    Report user
  3. pumadog says:

    To which market do the rumored prices refer? I’m sure there’ll be big differences between EU and US. And I hope Alfa will also get a 4-seater convertible if everything goes well.

    Report user
  4. Diego says:


    These prices refer to the Italian market. 🙂
    I’ve simply converted them into USD and pounds to give our readers an idea of what they should cost (depending on the taxing every country adds to these prices of course).

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