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Commercial campaign Fiat 500L

17 September 2012 14:28 No comments

Yesterday the new TV commercial of the Fiat 500L was aired for the first time. The leading role in the commercial is (besides for the Fiat 500L) for a rascal boy (photo below) who is seated in the back of the car. He sees the world with his own typical children’s eyes. The boy has the vivid imagination that he can enlarge everything he sees outside the window, by just using nowadays touchscreen finger movements. In this commercial the boy of course makes a L-movement with his fingers, which points at the 500L in a very refined way. The terms Light, Look, Lifestyle, Large and 500L are highlighted by the commercial and point out to the versatility and practical use of this car (all created around the concept of ‘space efficiency’ by Fiat).

The commercial is created by Leo Burnett agency and directed by Thierry Poiraud. The commercial is part of a series of multi-subject commercials which should attract potential customers to come a see the car themselves. The dealerships are ready for the response of the slogan, “With the 500L, growing up is fun”. The Italian Fiat dealerships have an open house on the 22 and 23 of September. Later the car will also be available in the rest of Europe.

The production is by the company Movie Magic. The music in the commercial is a cover of the Beatles “All Together Now” by Red Rose. The commercial closes with the superimposition “City Lounge: with the 500L growing up is cool (crescere e cool)”. In the clip you can see how the normal Fiat 500 is morphed towards the Fiat 500L.


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