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Chrysler does unbelievably well thanks to good quality

31 July 2012 16:41 No comments

Fiat-Chrysler ends the second quarter of 2012 with impressive figures; a net profit of 436 million dollars (355 million euros), 141% more compared to the 181 million dollars from the same period last year. The turnover is 16,8 billion dollars, 23% more than in 2011. Also the net debt has decreased greatly this quarter. The sales figures keep on rising; +22% during the second quarter (582.000 cars). The recent introduction of the Dodge Dart is making Fiat hope for even better results during the second half of this year. A turnover of 65 billion dollars and a net profit of 1,5 billion dollars is expected by the end of December. Globally, Fiat is hoping to have sold between 2,3 and 2,4 million cars by the end of 2012. All this despite the discouraging European sales numbers (again -32% on the Italian market in July).

Sergio Marchionne says this success is the consequence of the continuous efforts which go into producing good-quality products. Marchionne is currently in Italy for a few difficult conversations with the trade unions about the Italian and European market conditions and of course the consequences they have on the Italian industry. Everyone is hoping for a little more transparency in the next steps of Fiat concerning the production in Italian factories, especially Mirafiori. Tomorrow a statement from the CEO is expected. Back in June, Marchionne already mentioned the export possibilities thanks to the success of Chrysler, provided that work can be done in the right conditions. Lately, the Italian justice and politics are leaning more and more towards Fiat in this matter.

Marchionne hasn’t yet released a statement about the wrangle with Volkswagen within the ACEA. Brussels did give their opinion; Vice-president Antonio Tajani, who is responsible for the industry, declared that it’s not up to the EU to decide whether a manufacturer is right or not. In short; the politicians in Brussels won’t interfere in this fight.


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