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Charlie Sheen in new Abarth commercial: bad boys united

2 March 2012 21:38 No comments

The North American commercial policy of Abarth is on a roll again, this time with ‘enfant terrible’ Charlie Sheen. Like the first commercial, yet again we see the sensual ‘Italian’ lady. Womanizer Sheen, known from his appearances in the comedy ‘Two and a half men’ and more recently his disputable behaviour outside the camera’s view, could be the right man to promote FGA’s hot flavoured brand. The collaboration between these three could indeed turn out to be a perfect match. FGA aims to raise more interest in North America, especially amongst the male population.

Even its relatively small measurements are being highlighted in a commercial where Sheen presumably hosts a party: under house arrest? With the Fiat 500 Abarth you’ll love it. Apart from that, the identity of the well bespoken lady is now also up for grabs. It is Romanian Catrinel Menghia (by some Italians referred to as Catrinel M*nchia). The above, for those who are not familiar with this lady, clearly indicates of what that Italian reference might hold… While the Fiat 500 commercials with Jennifer Lopez were a bit doubtful, those from Abarth however are a great success. Hopefully this sparked interest will also reflect an increase in sales. In any case Sheen and ‘cohort’ surely give the right signals.


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