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Changes Alfa Romeo Giulietta quite minimalistic

25 February 2016 11:46 2 comments


The Italian press got to see the facelifted Giulietta for the first time yesterday. The biggest change is unfortunately the offering of the automatic TCT transmission with dual dry clutch for the 1.6 JTDm producing 120hp. It’s an important addition for the business market, but we’d hoped for more. There are new Alfa-badges inside and out and the Giulia-font is carried over at the rear for the Giulietta-badge. The new grille actually looks a lot like the one before the previous small facelift, except that the horizontal slats – which were so characteristically Alfa for quite a while – are gone in favour of the 8C, 4C and of course Giulia-styled pattern.



The Giulietta Veloce is easily recognizable by its red line around the air intake. Also the headlights are now even darker thanks to the carbon fibre look. New is that every motorisation can now get the looks of this top-spec version by adding the Veloce Pack. We think it’s a pity Alfa Romeo hasn’t chosen to alter the LEDs, which could have given many people the impression that this was actually a new model. The lighting technique at the front as well as at the rear has remained identical to the launched model back in 2010, and that’s a negative in our book. It’s still by far the best looking car in its segment if you ask us, but potential buyers might be inclined to think that this is a six-years-old car instead of a recently updated one.


The lack of alterations continues inside, where dashboard, centre console and seats are left unchanged. The infotainment system, while looking exactly the same, has been updated in terms of software to Uconnect LIVE.



  1. James Parks says:

    Please Alfa import the Giulietta into the USA!!!

  2. Diego says:

    That’s not going to happen until the replacement comes. You’d be getting a dated car anyways, something only for true enthusiasts. The costs to make it available in the USA would outweigh the benefits.

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