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Castagna Milano exports 500 Tender2 to US

11 March 2013 18:01 No comments


Castagna Milano, the old bodywork-manufacturer, is benefitting from the growing popularity of the Fiat 500 in the US and recently delivered this 500 Tender2 to an American client. This lovely open ‘Jolly’ in classic Italian Riva speedboat-style looks truly wonderful and even offers its passengers, next to a champagne-cooler, a shower for when they are done swimming or just need some cooling-off. The 500 Tender2 was bought by the American client Bert Dewik. Castagna is rightfully celebrating this moment, as it is the first car they are exporting overseas since the fifties. An occasional Alfa Romeo, Fiat or MG used to be shipped to its American buyer before 1953, but this is the first one in 60 years’ time.


Castagna in former times and in present times: the Milanese firm delivered this Alfa Romeo RL-SS for export to the US in 1926. Now, the same happens with the 500 Tender2.


This unique 500 Tender2 with wooden finish costs 80.000 euros (104.000 dollars or 70.000 pounds) and is the result of over 2.000 working hours. Castagna CEO Gioacchino Acampora is proud of the fact that the Milanese firm is again gaining international fame thanks to this 500-based creation. Castagna has been building car bodies since 1906 and started off with high hopes: in a big factory at the Via Montevideo employing over 600 people.


Castagna is working on a few other variants of the 500 as well: a four-wheel drive station wagon and a few limousine versions. The Tender2 is based upon an American version of the Fiat 500 and has a 1.4 MultiAir under the bonnet. The double exhaust-system was made by Magneti Marelli. Next to a separate cooler for drinks, there is also a fridge in the back and the passenger even has a display which shows the weather expectations. The driver, too, can work his own touchscreen-display, something which is turning into a trademark of Castagna. They’ve even thought of the small children who could occasionally be joining the ride: there’s an electrically-operable ladder at the back. Castagna also gives its clients an exclusive luggage-set. Carlo Castagna once had his own showroom in New York, perhaps history will repeat itself if Fiat keeps on conquering the US as it is doing now.



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