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Bertone opens new museum in 2012

5 November 2011 22:42 One comment

Next year on of the oldest Italian design houses Bertone will open a brand new museum in Turin. This was announced by CEO and widow Lilli Bertone, celebrating 100 years Bertone in 2012. Just like the other famous brand Pininfarina, they have stopped producing cars and will focus it’s business on the development of new talent worldwide. In setting up the museum, Bertone Stile  had to make sure to buy back the car collection which included the old location in the residential area Caprie. A lot will be on display from the enormous original collection: around 90 prototype’s, production models and unique pieces.

Miss Bertone had to make some efforts in getting back the cars first: rival bidder was none other than Giorgetto Giugiaro who was ready to pay 2 million euro’s for the lot. Five of the most beautiful models in the original collection won’t be on display. These where (in the end disappointingly) auctioned at Villa d’Este last spring and ended up  in private garages of Russian and Arab millionaires. Top piece was the Lamborghini Marzal which brought in 1.5 million euro’s. With the ‘Centenario’ celebrations approaching, on sunday the 13th of November the public can get a taste of what’s further in store: a Lancia Stratos, an Alfa Romeo Canguro and the very first Lamborghini Countach (picture). On top of the celebrations will introduce a brand new prototype to be presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012. More positive news, lately the Italian minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities declared that from now on the Bertone collection is  ‘patrimonio artistico nazionale’ . Today there are also Bertone offices in Monaco and Peking and remains the only independent Italian design brand.



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  1. franco says:

    what a crock this ended up to be.

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