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American dealerships made acquaintance with the Alfa Romeo 4C and Giulia

12 September 2012 15:51 No comments

The confirmation has been given that the 178 Fiat dealerships made acquaintance with the new Alfa Romeo in Las Vegas last Monday. They saw the new 4C and the final design of the Giulia. The SUV was not mentioned during the presentation, so it seems Jeep and Lancia will have the honour to introduce this kind of car. The 4C will be the first, to introduce Alfa Romeo to the US around 2013. The insiders who mentioned this to news agency Bloomberg, wished to remain anonymous. The dealerships are enthusiastic about Fiat’s approach and believe in its success. In 2009 some of them were rather sceptical, mainly because there were a lot of different brands.

Chryslers market share has increased from 9 to 11% over the past years and one expects an even larger increase up till 2014. This in relation to the rather large introduction of several models. The confidence has grown to a new level, a pinnacle so to say. Even the resurrection of Alfa Romeo, which in fact is a completely new start for the brand is seen as a great challenge (in cooperation with the brand Fiat) according to one of the US dealerships. The Giulietta shares its platform with the Dart and the new 200/Flavia, but will it be FWD? This question is still unanswered. One expects it to be FWD, just like the Lancia. The platform used is a more extended version of the Compact Wide platform, as is also used by the new mid-segment Lancia (4,8 m long). Around 2014 most of the Alfa Romeo dealerships are established. One aims at a gradual increase in sales, by the end of the year some nice numbers will be achieved. Within one and a half year Marchionne expects the current line-up to be completely renewed.


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