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Amazing retro Fiat 127 by German designer

26 March 2013 7:58 One comment


While we’re normally not easily seduced by unimaginative renderings from all over the world, this tasteful reincarnation of the legendary Fiat 127 is something we love sharing with you. It is an homage by the German designer David Obendorfer to the famous creator of the 127, Pio Manzu. These images show one of the perfectionist 3D-creations out of Obendorfer’s modern-day interpretations of cars from his childhood.


The very recognizable shape is not exactly in line with what Fiat is producing nowadays (or the entire automotive sector for that matter) because of all kinds of practical, technical and commercial reasons. The result is therefore a very chic and elegant two-door city car which somewhat resembles the style of Lancia’s attempt at bringing back the legendary Fulvia about ten years ago. Gorgeous and timeless, but probably not a proposal which Fiat would actually consider. Especially the backside of the 127 (from the B-pillar onwards) really draws the attention. The car as a whole, including the interior, is tremendously beautiful and full-on Italian. A sportier version with Abarth-striping was of course also added to this ‘range’.



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