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All specifications of the Alfa Romeo 4C

8 March 2013 8:35 2 comments


The first orders of the Alfa Romeo 4C are a fact now that the production version is on show in Geneva. It seems this Alfa should offer everything a true car enthusiast could desire. Furthermore, the price tag isn’t that high for someone looking for a true sports car: the Launch Edition comes at around 60.000 euros (78.000 dollars or 51.800 pounds). The price of the standard 4C will be revealed in June. We have meanwhile received a digital copy of the folder which states all the specifications of this car. A car which was not only designed to look beautiful, but also to be light-weight and functional. It is the perfect balance between ratio and passion: ‘Pure Alfa Romeo’.


As you can see, the Launch Edition isn’t only available in the gorgeous Carrara White (with three layers of matt paintwork), but also in pastel-red. The gray version in Geneva, then, isn’t a ‘Launch Edition’. Furthermore, we now get a clear view of how the new DNA-system with extra ‘Race Mode’ and ‘Launch Control’ works, with the corresponding displays in the dashboard. It seems like the ‘All Weather’-mode might finally come in handy here when the surface gets slippery, as opposed to the current front-wheel drive Alfas. The top speed is 258 km/h (160 mph), achieved by 320 Nm of torques (236 Lb ft of torques) in between 2.100 and 4.000 revs in Dynamic-mode. The tires are Pirellis P Zero in front 205/45-17 : 205/40-18 (opt) and in the back 235/40-18 : 235/35-19 (opt).


The ‘basic’ 4C 1750 TBI will be fitted with 17” alloys in the front and 18” in the back, while the Launch Edition has 18” front and 19” back. This latter also has LED-lights in front, while the basic-version is fitted with halogen-technique. There is also a difference in the fabric of the seats and the type of steering wheel. The first 500 Launch Edition-models will be heading towards Europe and surroundings (AMEA, 400) and Asia (100). The production of the 4C will be at full strength in Modena as of April.



  1. Profile photo of Karim Marei Karim Marei says:

    Well where is the link to the digital file that has all these pictures?
    And why are the pictures so tiny!

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  2. Profile photo of Diego Diego says:

    @Karim Marei

    Have you clicked on the pictures already? These are tumbnails, they get much bigger when you click them… 🙂

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