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Alfa Romeo’s future plans cancelled again?

3 September 2012 16:56 2 comments

Questions arise again when looking at Alfa Romeo’s future plans. According to Automotive News this is the case. They have an interview wit CEO Sergio Marchionne, where he has some news about the future plans which will be presented at the end of October. There are a lot more pleasant ways to start the week, but according to this international news source the truth is brutal. A lot more information isn’t available, but the economic situation in Europe is an indication. Factories are influenced by the economic deterioration and are even less productive than they were before. Will there be any progression, we will have to look even further in the future and that is just the cold truth (a very prominent problem). Fiat will have to cancel a lot more European projects and will focus more on Asia or the US. The postponement of the Fiat Punto is a good example of such.

Earlier this year we received the information that the extended version of the Giulietta is ready for production ( a shorter sportwagon), but also has been cancelled. A new MiTo (5 door version) was mentioned by the management in Turin, the car has been postponed indefinitely. In short, the fantastic Giulietta is the sole survivor, just like the disappointed Alfa Romeo’s customers and thousands of enthusiasts. The disappointment will be even more severe if the upcoming news on the 30th October turns out to be true. One says that the Giulia and the newly developed SUV are also postponed indefinitely. The idea of a new top of the range model based on the new Maserati is also cancelled (definitely for the upcoming years). The postponement of the Giulia already hurt our feelings and faith. We kept the faith by the looking forward to the introduction of the 4C and the plans for the new D-segment car in 2014. This also applies to the official press information about the cooperation between Alfa Romeo and Mazda. This agreement incorporates the development of a new Duetto in 2015.

A new postponement in short, releases all ties with the current European plans and market. A market where Alfa Romeo’s market share is reduced to a minimum. Even at the moment Alfa Romeo’s market share declines more and more. The brand doesn’t have to catch up and speed up the introduction in the US now. A reintroduction in the European Union and Asia shall be planned after the first stable numbers are in from the US. The brand from Milan is reduced to a label, so it will be easy to plan ahead. To sum up the consequences, a lot of Italian employees could get their dismissal.There are a lot of rumours about closing factories all through Europe, in conclusion all is related.

Our only hope is……the 30th of October will be more of our likings than we anticipated…..



  1. pumadog says:

    Um, I fail to see any news in the Automotive News article. More or less a repetition of the Alfa line-up from the Car magazine article. Just in a negative tone this time. 🙄

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  2. Alfetta159 says:

    I think the boss is keen to speed up this –


    Something he has been professing for years. Once the fixed overhead costs come to levels of competitors like VW new model roll out will be feasible.

    All in all very dissappointing for us Alfisti. But what’s to be done. Things look so grim in Europe which more or less is Alfa’s only market right now.

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