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Alfa Romeo working on 6C coupe and sedan

25 April 2013 10:56 One comment


We have reported some believable rumors about this before already, and we even heard it from sources close to Alfa Romeo, but now there are signals from the US which might prove we were right all along; Alfa Romeo is working on a 6C coupe and sedan (four-door coupe like the CLS or 6-series Gran Coupe).

The Fiat Group would indeed be working hard on a complete top segment for Alfa Romeo in the slipstream of the new Maserati Quattroporte and Ghibli. It would more or less be using the same platform as these two (‘E-Evo’), is what the well-respected source Car&Driver claims. The Milanese brand will take in a position right underneath its bigger brother from Modena and wants to be a direct competitor of the German brands Audi, BMW and Mercedes, especially in the US. As the name 6C already indicates, the new V6 power sources (both petrol and diesel) will be of vital importance here.

aldo marangoni

The 6C sedan and coupe will be all about sportiness, while being priced a little lower than the Maserati Ghibli. The suspension and damping will differ from the Ghibli, as will the transmission. The Alfa-technicians would insist on using their double dry clutch (‘Alfa TCT’) instead of the German ZF. Fiat Powertrain-boss and Alfist Aldo Marangoni (picture) would be in charge of all the technical developments of the Milanese brand. Alfa Romeo will be focusing on performance when it comes to the 6C and is therefore probably going to adapt the characteristics of the V6-engines. It is said that a special, very powerful, biturbo would already be subject to thorough testing as we speak.

The launch of Alfa Romeo’s top segment is expected in 2015 and, as earlier said, we assume an extra variant will follow in the year after. The platform will furthermore also be shared with Dodge/SRT. We expect Turin to play an important role in the production of these cars, though this rear-wheel drive platform (with Q4-system of Maserati/Ferrari) will eventually also be rolling of the assembly lines in Brampton, Canada.


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